Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feather Band I

This is a 'feather' band that I am custom designing for a client. Pictures have been generated through CAD. After making final adjustments, I will carve a wax prototype. There are many different approaches to designing a 'feather' band, because feathers come in all kinds of shapes and textures. I kept the symmetry that you see within most feathers and tapered it off towards the bottom. To make it more interesting and dynamic I created an uneven movement in the feather. I wanted to give the impression that 'wind' is blowing through the hairs of the feather. In keeping the ripple effect subtle, I made sure the ring did not loose its comfort for daily use. The ring could be worn as it is at this stage, but I need to incorporate a brown diamond into the design. More pictures of the work in progress will follow.

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