Wednesday, April 28, 2010

London Calling - Peridot Sapphire Cocktail Ring

Lieveke, one of my most loyal customers, is located in London. After a double snake ring I had made for her, she contacted me regarding her new project: a glittery and sparkly free-form ring featuring a fancy cut peridot with over a hundred yellow sapphires. You can see additional images of this awesome cocktail ring here.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cog Wheel Cufflinks

Miniature mechanical components always catch my attention. In some magical way, gears, cog wheels, pinions and prongs get each other to turn so that an instrument or device moves, ticks or buzzes. You will find these tiny fangs and differentials in abundance inside timepieces and movie cameras. But your bicycle or car has them just the same, only heavier and bigger in size.

I have made a pair of cog wheel cufflinks in solid sterling silver. Each cufflink measures 22 mm in diameter and is 3 mm thick which makes them very durable. I have removed any sharp edges, and have given them a smooth matte finish for maximum comfort. So, what are you guys waiting for? Time to shift to the next level and get going with a pair of gear cufflinks! The matching tie clip that I am working on will be ready soon!

Bolex Camera Pendant

When I was contacted by Nikki to build a replica of a Bolex 16 mm camera on a scale so it could be worn as a pendant, I immediately consulted with my husband. His background in filmmaking and his knowledge of classic movie cameras made him a useful partner for this project. (Hm, your husband as a 'useful partner', how often does that happen...?) I must say that he did rise to action and made sure I got all the tiny switches, knobs and dials right. It was also his idea to add the round Bolex Paillard logo on the side of the camera's body.

w 40 mm, h 35 mm, d 13 mm, 33 grams sterling silver, oxidation, high polish

The Bolex Paillard camera is made by Bolex International SA. Since the 1930's, this Swiss company has been manufacturing excellent motion picture cameras, lenses and accessories. The Bolex Paillard 16 mm film camera is one of the company's most revered models and is still very popular among professional, student and amateur moviemakers all around the world. Visit the company website here.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Etsy Treasury #5 - Feather on the front page!

My white gold feather band with frosty finish was featured on the front page of today. Plenty of convos, emails and orders started coming in right after! This could very well be Etsy's 'thank you' gift for celebrating my shop's first anniversary. On April 5th last year, the ADZIA studio opened its virtual doors. It has been a wonderful first year with over 60 commissions for custom work. To see pictures of the many items I have custom made for Etsy customers, visit my 'Request Custom Item' page here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Your Finger Print Band

From soul mates to fiancees, all would love the idea of wearing each other's finger print on each other's band. It is a unique way to keep your loved one close at hand. Always. And everywhere.

I can apply the thumb prints on both the inside and outside of your band. I am still experimenting with different finishes, such as additional engraving, oxidation, paint. Pictures of additional versions of my finger print bands will be posted here over the next couple of weeks.

Should you be interested to know how we can go about taking and applying your finger prints, as well as how much a set will cost, please contact me via email.