Sunday, July 26, 2009

Coffee Bean Bracelet

I have made a double 14k yellow gold bangle bracelet with five gold coffee or chocolate beans attached. The coffee pellets are real size, solid gold and showing original organic texture like real coffee beans would have. The beans are randomly spaced. One bracelet carries four coffee beans, the other has one.

You can easily customize the design of your own bracelet. First, choose your favorite color of gold. I have available chocolate gold, pink, green, white and yellow gold. Another option and less costly would be silver. Instead of two bracelets, you could choose one, or I could add a third.

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Then tell me how many coffee beans. I can mount the beans on the bracelet wherever you would like them to be. I can also add as many beans as you would like. The beans in the bracelet shown are fixed, but I could make one with beans that move or 'float' around.

And here is yet another option: why not adding a single gold or silver coffee bean to your charm bracelet?

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities to customize your bracelet. Additionally, I am working on more variations on the 'coffee bean' theme, such as coffee or chocolate bean earrings, pendants and rings. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feather Band III

Finally finished the 18k yellow gold feather band for my client. We have chosen not to add a bezel with brown diamond on top. The ring works just fine without the addition of gemstones. I have given the entire band a high polish. The line in the middle dividing the feather and both edges are given a matte finish. Interesting detail: I have enhanced the grooves by extra engraving between feather hairs. I am glad I finished this feather band to my customer's satisfaction.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coming Soon - 3 New Opal Pendants I

Currently in development are three new pendants for the Opal Jewelry Collection. Here is a set of pictures showing the building of the first one, from CAD image rendering to carving the wax prototype.
This pendant features an Australian doublet opal. A doublet opal is a very thin opal that has been mounted (usually glued) on top of another stone, in this case a slick black onyx. A white diamond will be added at the top of the thinner end. The frame will be cast in 14k yellow gold. I am not quite sure if the pendant works better horizontally... or vertically. More info to come.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ruby Opal Pendant

A 14k white gold pendant with rubies and an australian opal doublet, that I had made a few years ago. My customer brought it in for a thorough cleaning and for a check-up on its stones, setting and chain. She told me she had worn it almost daily for about three years now. As it turned out, the pendant did not show any signs of heavy usage, just a few tiny marks, nothing out of the ordinary. All stones were still in very good shape. After the check-up, I gave the white gold a new machine polish so the pendant looks just like new again!
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