Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recycle Your Jewelry I

My friend Kasia opened her jewelry cabinet, and noticed two loose stones she had completely forgotten about, together with a ring she had inherited long ago. She dusted them off and asked if I could design something new with the old. Something wild and free spirited.
I re-used a white diamond and a square green peridot. I suggested the addition of a third large stone. She picked a gorgeous looking oval purple tanzanite. I custom made a ring that could hold three bezels and showcase these three different stones. The scrap metal that she provided was used to cast this 14k white gold, freeform ring.
Recycling jewelry is a great way to turn your tired and broken pieces into your favorite fashion accessories, such as this fun cocktail ring. Contact me today and see how making your old jewelry over, makes beautiful sense.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Bezel Ring I

Another project I have been working on is to design a series of bands, featuring a gemstone that gives the appearance that it is 'loose'. The stone and bezel are attached to the ring in such a way that they can move around, dangle or swirl. I plan to design five variations, each with a different stone, metal and finish. The one pictured here features an 8.4 mm diamond cut green tourmaline, set in a 14k white gold bezel. It is currently for sale at
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Feather Band II

The wax prototype of the feather band has been cut. I have inspected the carvings and detailing and the client has given final approval. Before I cast the ring in 18k yellow gold, I need to mount a custom bezel with a brown diamond. I will apply the same ruffled pattern to the bezel, that way the diamond will receive additional light from the sides through the feathers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feather Band I

This is a 'feather' band that I am custom designing for a client. Pictures have been generated through CAD. After making final adjustments, I will carve a wax prototype. There are many different approaches to designing a 'feather' band, because feathers come in all kinds of shapes and textures. I kept the symmetry that you see within most feathers and tapered it off towards the bottom. To make it more interesting and dynamic I created an uneven movement in the feather. I wanted to give the impression that 'wind' is blowing through the hairs of the feather. In keeping the ripple effect subtle, I made sure the ring did not loose its comfort for daily use. The ring could be worn as it is at this stage, but I need to incorporate a brown diamond into the design. More pictures of the work in progress will follow.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The ADZIA Logo

Designing a logo that works in print as well as in a tiny engraving, is not the easiest thing to do. I like 'modern' and 'architectural' fonts without serif. This one is called Gotham (thin version). Because of the miniature scale of most engravings, the additional graphic elements are kept to a minimum. Pictured above is the SAME logo executed in three different ways: first enlarged with a colored dot, second in reverse for stamping and printing, and third as a small printed version just black on white. Big thanks to my friend and graphic designer Bryan Jalowitz.

Opal Earrings I

My latest project for The Opal Collection. I am working on a new set of opal earrings in 14k yellow gold. This matching set of Australian boulder opals is cut from the same rock. I have custom made both frames, following shape and contour of the stone. Both stones are not identical, so neither are the frames. As pictured, the earrings measure 15 mm long. The 'waves' or 'curves' in the frame allow the opal rainbow to be seen from the side as well. I still have the option of adding a gem on the top corner of each earring. I am thinking about adding a Brazilian citrines or a couple of champagne colored diamonds. To take a look at all my opal jewelry, please visit
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