Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swirly Wedding Band Variations I

It's good to be back in blogging business after the summer break! One of my most popular items at the ADZIA etsy shop is this swirly, curly gold wedding band. I started out making the band in 14k white gold, but customers have increasingly been requesting their own custom version, which I think is really cool! Posted above are pictures of a few variations on my swirly wedding band.


  1. Dear Adzia,

    please let me know where I can contact you - this is regarding a "Romeo and Juliet" ring I would like to order from you as I have found it online that you make them.

    This would be actually an A + J ring, but I d tell you more details over the email. Thanks.

    Please let me know if you still make them, the price, delievery time to Europe, etc

    I will check on this page tomorrow and so on again to see if you left a way to contact you.



  2. Hi,

    Thanks for contacting me! Yes, I do still make custom Romeo and Juliet rings.

    Could you please contact me directly from your email address?

    Please send your email to


  3. Thanks for sharing a new variation of your swirly wedding band. This jewelry pieces are unique in designs and finishing makes jewelry beautiful.

  4. What a beauty! My compliments on your lovely rings. The one of the picture of the left seems very cool to me.