Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swirly Sapphire Ring

Hello everyone. I would love to share one my latest etsy commissions. Bekki was looking for an engagement ring that would match the setting and style of the location where her wedding ceremony will take place. She told me the ceremony will take place at a beach. So, I gave her some ideas to think about. I told her to write down all kind of words that she would associate with the word 'beach'. Words like wave, sand, sea, shell, surf, ocean, etc.

A couple days later, Bekki came up with this wonderful drawing of swirls that do bring to mind various elements of beach life. I then set out to incorporate her sketch into a matching ring design. Apart from a couple small bead like dots in between the waves, my ring design is almost identical to her drawing. I liked how I could shape the swirls so they would continue into the bezel of the blue ceylon sapphire. I have also added rhodium to make the 14k white gold darker, especially in between the swirls. Now, I hope Bekki will let me make a perfectly fitting and matching wedding band. I would be truly honored.