Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bolex Camera Pendant

When I was contacted by Nikki to build a replica of a Bolex 16 mm camera on a scale so it could be worn as a pendant, I immediately consulted with my husband. His background in filmmaking and his knowledge of classic movie cameras made him a useful partner for this project. (Hm, your husband as a 'useful partner', how often does that happen...?) I must say that he did rise to action and made sure I got all the tiny switches, knobs and dials right. It was also his idea to add the round Bolex Paillard logo on the side of the camera's body.

w 40 mm, h 35 mm, d 13 mm, 33 grams sterling silver, oxidation, high polish

The Bolex Paillard camera is made by Bolex International SA. Since the 1930's, this Swiss company has been manufacturing excellent motion picture cameras, lenses and accessories. The Bolex Paillard 16 mm film camera is one of the company's most revered models and is still very popular among professional, student and amateur moviemakers all around the world. Visit the company website here.
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  1. Hello.. that is a beautiful and impressive piece. What software do you use to design this? and how much would a piece like this cost?