Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Etsy Treasury #1

One of my items has been selected for a Treasury titled "Aqualicious" at Etsy.com.

Many Etsy sellers create Treasuries - curated collections of Etsy items that are featured on Etsy's "Treasury" page. These Treasuries are featured on Etsy for a limited amount of time only, usually no more than three days. Most Treasuries have themes, such as color, price, or function, and feature twelve different items. Etsy users visit the Treasury page to browse curated items, and see what new or cool things curators have found to share.
Find out which ADZIA item has been featured by clicking the screenshot above. To read more details and see more pictures about my featured item, please visit my Etsy shop at AdziasJewelryAtelier. The curator's shop can be found here.
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  1. Thanks Cherilyn! I am glad you like my jewelry, and thanks for following! I noticed you run a couple blogs... which one should I follow?

  2. Wow... I love your work :) Elegant and graceful!

  3. very pretty treasurey! your ring looks lovely.

    ps. i think that the label cloud thing you have is so cool! i couldn't stop playing with it!